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Newa: Ornaments

Tayo is the one of the largest Newar ethnic Jewelry piece of Nepal. It is a necklace worn by Newar girls, brides, and women as well as deities like Lokeswors, Yognis, Dipankers and Kumaris on the special ceremony. Tayo has high symbolic meanings and religious values. It is worn as

Newa: Music

The Newars are very rich in traditional, classical and popular music and dances. Several events of music and dance are held in different parts of the Newar societies occasion of different festivals. In fact, Newars are so intermingled properly with music and dances not only a festival, party or ceremony,

Newa: People

It is not surprising that the Newar people were influenced by Tibet and India. What is surprising is your response to this stimulus creativity, which actually led to a true exchange with its giant neighbors. Medieval, near the society has left an architectural and artistic religious heritage that is unique

Newa: History

The different divisions of Newars had different historical developments before their arrival in the Kathmandu valley. The common identity of Newar was only formed after their arrival in the valley. Until the unification of Nepal, with the possible exception of the Muslims under Gayasuddin who attacked and destroyed many parts