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Newar’s Wedding

As the mellow dusk sets against the busy Newa neighborhood, giving way to a serene blue sky, an elderly woman looks nostal gically over the newly wed bride. The old woman, who was also once a bride, stands observing the unfolding story of human hopes enduring against the creases of

Newa: Movies

Some of the best Newa movies you may interested in. Rajamati Minkha Dumha Kan Timila Yaka Mahya Hasana WHANTA CHAA (Comedy) Dhon Cholecha Yalay batha Nyalla Byan

Newa: Community

One of dominant ethnic groups of Nepal, Newar is the indigenous group of Kathmandu valley that used to make almost the entire population of the valley before the Shah invasion in 1968. Before the invasion of the valley, the three cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur were autonomous Newar kingdoms

Newa: History

The different divisions of Newars had different historical developments before their arrival in the Kathmandu valley. The common identity of Newar was only formed after their arrival in the valley. Until the unification of Nepal, with the possible exception of the Muslims under Gayasuddin who attacked and destroyed many parts