Newa: Music

The Newars are very rich in traditional, classical and popular music and dances. Several events of music and dance are held in different parts of the Newar societies occasion of different festivals. In fact, Newars are so intermingled properly with music and dances not only a festival, party or ceremony, “from the womb to the tomb, he passes without music or music and dances.

Several songs, musical instruments and dances are connected with various religious, social and cultural life of different musical instruments are in practice Newars at festivals, parties, ceremonies and also in the funeral procession.

Musical instruments

It is believed that there are about 200 (two hundred) types of original musical technology instruments in Nepal, and 108(one hundred eight types) of musical instruments have been found till now. A great number of Newar musical instruments are included init. These musical instruments can be classified into four classes according to Sangeet Shastra.

It is believed that we have around two hundred types of original musical instruments in Nepal, and 108 (one hundred eight types) of musical instruments have recently been found until now. A large number of musical instruments are included Newar init. These instruments can be classified into four classes according Sangeet Shastra.

  • Idiophones Bhusyah, Chhusyah, TainNain etc.
  • Membranophones Dhimay, Dhah, Paschima, NayaKhin etc.
  • Chordophones Piwancha
  • Aerophones Muhali, Nekoo, Bansuri etc.

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